UConn’s Science Teaching and Transformative Mobile Summer Institute: Advancing Educational Innovation and Inclusive Learning

In the summer of 2024, the University of Connecticut (2024 USNews Ranking: 58) (UConn) hosted the Science Teaching and Transformative Mobile Summer Institute, drawing over 50 faculty members and students from three campuses. This week-long event provided educators with an immersive experience to explore sustainable changes aimed at enhancing student success. Funded by the Howard […]

Volunteer Service of UConn School of Dental Medicine in Alaska

Since 1997, the University of Connecticut (2024 USNews Ranking: 58) School of Dental Medicine has been sending faculty and residents to Alaska to provide dentures to Native American communities. Using simple equipment and traditional methods, they have crafted over 800 dentures, restoring the smiles and confidence of those who lack access to proper dental care. […]

The Success Story of UConn’s La Comunidad Intelectual Learning Community

The University of Connecticut (2024 USNews Ranking: 58) (UConn) has long been a beacon of academic excellence and community support, particularly for its diverse student body. On July 15, 2024, UConn Today reported that Latino students continue to thrive in the La Comunidad Intelectual (LCI) learning community. Celebrating its 10th anniversary, LCI has been a […]

UConn Scholar Selected for Engaged Scholars Program to Promote Equity and Community Engagement

On July 1, 2024, Briana Huett from the University of Connecticut (2024 USNews Ranking: 58) (UConn) was selected as a member of the Campus Compact Engaged Scholars program. This year-long leadership and professional development initiative aims to support early-career faculty in enhancing their community-engaged scholarship. Huett and her fellow scholars were chosen based on their […]

UConn Graduates Excel in Fulbright Program

Celebrating UConn Graduates: Fulbright and Scoville Fellowships In a remarkable achievement for the University of Connecticut (UConn), two recent graduates have been selected to participate in the prestigious Fulbright U.S. Student Program for the 2024-2025 academic year. Lucas Ruiz will be heading to South Korea to serve as an English Teaching Assistant, while Lizzy Irizarry […]

Excellence of UConn’s Department of Earth Sciences in 2024 College Factual Rankings

University of Connecticut Earth Sciences Department: A Rising Star in Geology and Earth Sciences In a significant achievement, the University of Connecticut (2024 USNews Ranking: 58) (UConn) Earth Sciences Department has been ranked among the top 25 geology and earth sciences programs in the United States by College Factual for 2024. This recognition places UConn’s […]

The Success Journey of UConn’s Film Program

UConn’s Digital Film and Video Production Program: A Rising Star in American Higher Education The University of Connecticut (UConn) has been making significant strides in the realm of digital film and video production. Launched in 2019, UConn’s digital film and video production program has quickly become one of the most popular majors at the Storrs […]

UConn Extension Helps Communities Prepare for Extreme Storms

Preparing for Extreme Storms: Lessons from Hurricane Beryl and UConn Extension’s Efforts In the summer of 2024, the northeastern United States found itself grappling with the reality of extreme weather events as Hurricane Beryl became the earliest Category 5 Atlantic hurricane on record. This unprecedented event has underscored the urgent need for comprehensive preparedness strategies […]

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