Wake Forest University July 2024 News Summary

Wake Forest University News Summary: July 1-7, 2024 The first week of July 2024 at Wake Forest University (2024 USNews Ranking: 47) was marked by a series of significant events and discussions that reflect broader trends and issues in American society. From the impact of political betting markets on U.S. politics to the role of […]

The Frontier of Educational Reform: Noreen Naseem Rodríguez’s Collaboration with the Spencer Foundation

Transforming K-12 Education: The Role of Community-Driven Initiatives and Academic Research On July 10, 2024, Noreen Naseem Rodríguez, an assistant professor at Michigan State University, was awarded a $3.5 million research grant from the Spencer Foundation to spearhead a transformative educational initiative. This grant will support a large-scale, interdisciplinary research project aimed at exploring community-driven […]

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