Interdisciplinary Collaboration in Supporting Indigenous Food Sovereignty and Sustainable Agriculture

Supporting Indigenous Food Sovereignty: A New Initiative at the University of Wisconsin-Madison On July 19, 2024, the University of Wisconsin-Madison (2024 USNews Ranking: 35) (UW-Madison) launched a groundbreaking initiative in collaboration with several tribal partners aimed at supporting the food traditions and food sovereignty of Indigenous peoples in the Great Lakes region. This project is […]

University of Wisconsin Successfully Generates Plasma, Advancing Fusion Energy Research

A Milestone in Fusion Energy Research: The WHAM Project at the University of Wisconsin-Madison On July 18, 2024, the University of Wisconsin-Madison (UW–Madison) achieved a significant milestone in nuclear fusion energy research by successfully generating plasma for the first time at its plasma physics laboratory located in Stoughton. This achievement marks a pivotal moment in […]

From Flames to Flowers: The Ecological Restoration of Biocore Prairie at University of Wisconsin-Madison

The transformation of Biocore Prairie at the University of Wisconsin-Madison from farmland to a vibrant tallgrass prairie is a testament to the power of ecological restoration and community involvement. Since 1997, students, staff, and volunteers have worked tirelessly to restore this area near Picnic Point, using prescribed burns and native plantings to encourage the growth […]

The Threat and Hope of White-nose Syndrome

The Battle Against White-Nose Syndrome: A Glimmer of Hope for North American Bats Since its discovery in a New York cave in 2006, white-nose syndrome (WNS) has wreaked havoc on North American bat populations. This devastating disease, caused by the invasive fungus Pseudogymnoascus destructans, has led to the decimation of several bat species across the […]

Cosmic Rays and Tornado Research: A New Tool at the Scientific Frontier

Cosmic Rays: A New Frontier in Tornado Research On July 11, 2024, researchers at The Ohio State University (2024 USNews Ranking: 43) made a groundbreaking discovery that cosmic rays could serve as a novel tool for studying tornadoes and other severe weather phenomena. By integrating local weather data with sophisticated astrophysical simulations, the researchers explored […]

University of Wisconsin-Madison 175th Anniversary Celebration: A Confluence of Tradition and Innovation

Celebrating 175 Years of Excellence: University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Anniversary Events In 2024, the University of Wisconsin-Madison (2024 USNews Ranking: 35) (UW-Madison) will celebrate its 175th anniversary with a series of events that highlight the institution’s rich history, innovative spirit, and commitment to community engagement. These celebrations will include 20 projects supported by faculty and students, […]

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