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Forward Pathway LLC is an educational consultant company established in US and dedicated to international students’ application and transfer to US high schools and colleges. Founded in Pennsylvania, the state rich in educational resources, Forward Pathway takes advantage of nearby renowned universities as University of PennsylvaniaCarnegie Mellon UniversityUniversity of PittsburghPennsylvania State University and plenty of top US colleges in neighboring states. Now its headquarter has moved to Los Angeles. Based in LA to serve the entire nation, relying on strong partnerships with local US universities, Forward Pathway is aimed at being students’ personal education specialist, at the first time to update the latest news of studying abroad.


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College Apply Services

We provide integrated services for high school and university applications, including personal consultation, English test tutoring, interview experience, and other related services. The application specialists will design plans catering to the student’s own characteristics and goals, prepare applying materials accordingly and continue to offer follow-up services after the admission

US Colleges Database

Forward Pathway is the first company to consolidate and visualize U.S. colleges data, the database includes general information, colleges ranking, admission, scores requirement, tuition and fees, students, degrees, campus safety information and so on. By our colleges database tools, students can easily filter out schools that best suits them.

Summer/Winter Camps

The camps last 2-3 weeks long when the students will take classes in US public and private high schools to experience different teaching styles and strengthen their knowledge about American cultural and academic environment.The programs not only include learning in classrooms, but also have lots of extra-curricular activities including sports and touring, a unique opportunity for international students to feel the difference of American educational.

Emergency Transfer

As the signature service of Forward Pathway, emergency transfer services have been carried out efficiently on account of FP’s partnership with US local schools once the student was faced with emergency situations such as probation, suspension or dismissal. The team will respond quickly to make emergency plans and ensure the students transferring to new school within one to three weeks with legal student status.


Forward Pathway, by the meaning of its name, aims at offering guidance and recommendations for international students who are willing to study abroad in US, solving problems for the current international students in US to carry on their academic path, and providing opportunities for potential students to further their understanding of American education through communication programs in the local schools.

Running in the belief of student benefits and customer satisfaction in the first place, and with all team members familiar with application process in US, Forward Pathway relies on the abundant educational resources in partnership with local institutions to obtain the most updated and comprehensive information in studying in US, in order to ensure that every customer receive high-quality services.

Forward Pathway is certified by American International Recruitment Council (AIRC), comments about Forward Pathway for AIRC please click this link.


One-stop Services

Integrating services to fulfill needs

Starting from high school application, we provide one-stop services by integrating one-on-one consulting, test preparation, background promotion, college application and transfer and relevant services all together.

Partnership in US

Close cooperation and partnership

Building up close cooperation with hundreds of American institutions all over the nation, we can serve the customers on a broader basis and guarantee the admission and transfer promptly.

Copious Database

7000+ universities and colleges database

You can find the updated database about 25000 American schools (K-12) and 7000 colleges with detailed information on our website. We analyze and consolidate the data to better serve the customers’ needs.

24/7 Services

Answer inquiries with no delay

Our offices are located both in the United States and China. The team will be 24-hour standby to answer customers’ inquiries with no delay. They will check the on-going application on time and follow up with the progress.

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